Collaboration Overview

While the “wafer” and “chip” remain at the centre of activity in the micro and nanoelectronics sector, strong links along the value chain downwards to subsystems and upwards to applications are required to inform designers and manufacturers of the rapidly changing needs of companies operating in the Digital Economy. Without organisations innovating closely together the necessary technologies and applications will not be available when needed to exploit commercial market opportunities.

AENEAS seeks to stimulate collaborative activity along the electronics value chain through encouraging innovations by the building of consortia with tools, information and support. Key services that support this process include ACT, the AENEAS Collaboration Tool; the AENEAS Strategic Agenda, providing information on industry trends; brokerage events, exhibitions, workshops and conferences.

AENEAS collaboration building activity, while offering the opportunity of access to ECSEL JU and PENTA funding, is actually independent of funding instrument – providing users a supported mechanism to build consortia and then access the best matched support programme respectively funding instrument for their needs.