ACT – AENEAS Collaboration Tool


Open to all, available 24/7 and accessible through a simple registration procedure, ACT offers users the opportunity to propose projects, look for partners, or offer capability – all in a secure environment.

ACT is an online collaboration tool allowing open consortium building, regardless of funding instrument. This will allow companies and organisations to set up project teams, invite project partners, exchange messages with potential partners and showcase capability through a messaging system. Organisations across Europe will be able to use this “free-to-access” tool to bring together project teams 365 days a year. These teams can then decide what, if any, funding instrument would best suit their requirements to catalyse their project and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Additionally, AENEAS sponsors collaboration building events – where prospective teams, possibly initiated in the ACT, can come together and build a project, find new project partners, exchange ideas and review possible funding support options that will help them realise their ambition.